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My name is Anisha Courtney and I am the creator of Psalms natural skin care, a vegan all natural skin care line based out of Toronto Canada. I am also the mother to a beautiful baby boy, the joy and motivation of my life Michael. My parents are both from the beautiful island of spice Grenada but myself and two older brothers were born in Venezuela located in south America (home of the anaconda.) We migrated here when I was about 18 months old so life in Canada is really all I know but I have always loved Caribbean culture. I love the food, I love the music, I love the tenacity of the people, almost everything Caribbean I just love.

From an early age, I have always loved writing as I have some what of a wild imagination. I loved writing stories in school and I loved reading just as much. I am a firm believer the more you read the more you know and the more you know the further you go. That was the mantra in my elementary school and it still holds true with me today. Reading is power, and I love learning and feeling empowered. Some of the books on my reading table at the moment are

  1. Powernomics the national plan to empower black people by Dr. Claud Anderson
  2. Sacred woman by Queen Afua
  3. Heal thyself for health and longevity by Queen Afua

Please let me know your current readers list or favourite books in the comments below!

I had a great upbringing with two hard working parents who provided a great life for us here in Canada. We spent almost every Sunday in the Christian church and from an early age the fear of the Most High creator was instilled in me which set the foundation and discipline for what I know today. I left the christian church a long time ago but I consider myself highly spiritual and my body is the living temple. I finished high school and went to college for a job I had no interest in because I thought that’s what I had to do to make a living. I never considered entrepreneurship seriously enough for myself until I had my son and now this is my full-time passion.

So how did I come across natural skin care? Well over the years I started to become health conscious and aware of the not so healthy ingredients lurking in almost everything including most, if not all the skin care products available on the market. All these big chemical names I could hardly pronounce so I started doing my research. The more I looked up the ingredients in my skin care the more concerned I became. From my lotions, to soaps, to deodorant they were all bad! A lot of the ingredients were known neurotoxins linked to infertility and even cancer. There’s also a saying out there that “black don’t crack” but my skin was cracked, dry and in need of major repair so I started doing research and studying what my fore parents traditionally used growing up? Well the answer was natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa. If It worked for them, and they had beautiful, glowing skin why was I using all these expensive big-name brands full of toxins clogging my pores, often leaving my skin cracked and dry (especially in the winter). So, I did more and more research and in 2014 I started formulating my own recipes using all-natural ingredients. Too-shea was the first body butter I ever made and it is still a fast seller.  I along with friends and family, have tested my products over the years and found them to be tried and true. They work.. No animal testing required!

Quality skin care and a healthy lifestyle have become my passion. I have been vegan for a couple years now and the results have been amazing, I have done 30 days strictly raw foods where I lost 30 lbs in 30 days, I fast, I exercise, I meditate,  and I manifest my destiny daily…..I truly believe we can do all things with the right conditioning. I struggled with my weight a lot growing up, at one point I reached my heaviest at 240 lbs and I just made up my mind that it was time for a change but that change did begin with renewing my mind. Once I did that I was able to love myself and making healthier choices became normal. Now I am at a very healthy weight and I can honestly say I feel good in my clothes which I NEVER thought I would. If you want to see more post on healthy living and my weight loss journey let me know in the comments below. I put down writing for a while to work on other things but now I have this amazing platform that allows me to share everything I love. Making quality all natural skin care is first and foremost but I will be blogging more in the next few months sharing information, tips and recipes. If you are a blogger, writer, promoter or enthusiast(whoever you are) looking for a guest platform to share please feel free to email info@psalmsnatural.com. I love collaborating!

  The goal at Psalms natural skin care is to bring lower cost, high quality natural skin care to as many people as possible. With infertility and cancer on the rise its time we really start checking and double checking everything we put not just in our bodies but also on our bodies. It takes less than a minute for what we put on our skin to reach our bloodstream. Please choose quality skin care for yourself and family members. Everything I make I also use and I stand by all my products. If you are not completely satisfied, please send an email to info@psalmsnatural.com and I will do all that I can to rectify the situation. Thank you for coming to www.psalmsnatural.com hope you enjoy the site, look around for products and/or blog posts and please don’t forget to leave a comment below. If you are interested you can also subscribe to the mailing list on the home page for promos and new information. Lets keep in touch!!


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My name is Anisha Courtney and I am the creator of Psalms Natural Skin Care. Quality skin care and a healthy lifestyle have become my passion. I live a vegan lifestyle and I have done 30 days of strictly raw foods where I lost 30 lbs in 30 days. I fast, I exercise, I meditate, and I manifest my destiny daily. I truly believe we can do all things with the right conditioning.

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