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Frequently Asked Questions

At psalms natural we accept visa, Mastercard, debit, or PayPal. All payments are processed through a secure ssl (processor) or encryption.

The wonderful thing about natural skin care is even without toxic preservatives they are very shelf stable. All our products are guaranteed to stay fresh at least six months in optimum conditions (cool and dry) but don’t worry you will finish it by then.

With all products (except soap of course) please do not allow water to penetrate the container as this will greatly reduce shelf life and can lead to mould and bacteria growth.

Yes, for wholesale enquiries please send an email to and we will promptly get back to you.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Never was and never will be. We only test on friends and family and throughout the years, the results have been great! At psalms natural all our products are vegan (including lip balms) and proudly cruelty free. We respect all life forms!

Depending on your request, yes custom orders are available. Also, if you would like to purchase gift baskets, wedding or shower favours just send an email to or phone (647)609-0932.

Psalms natural is a small home-based business located in Toronto, Canada. If you would like to come by to sample products or for pick up please send an email to or phone (647)609-0932 to set up an appointment. Visits are by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

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