Weight Loss eBook Bundle:

The Weight Is Over

5 inspiring resources to help you lose weight and achieve long-lasting healthy results!

Your NEW BODY Is Only 6 Weeks Away

Build Healthier habits

I created this program because I truly wanted to help others who may struggle with their weight like I did. I commend you for taking this challenge because I know it takes a lot of discipline and courage to recognize when your health is not going in the right direction and to make changes. This is the beginning of a lifetime of healthier choices.


What should I expect from this material?

Our journey together is going to be fun, exciting, and LIFE CHANGING.

Protect yourself from feeling overwhelmed

Tried and proven methods to ensure you avoid the all too familiar cycle of starting strong and then giving up shortly after.

Builds healthy habits to transform your life

Activate healthy behaviors around your food and beverage consumption in such a way that becomes second nature to you.

Weekly challenges with rewarding results

Embark upon a journey of simple yet effective challenges, designed to build upon each other for maximum results.

Raw, tasty and healthy substitution recipes

Improve your mind, body and spirit with the simple act of receiving optimum nutrition levels from the food you eat.

What's inside the ebook?

The most natural way to lose weight & feel great!

Six (6) week coaching program to help you build healthy habits

Actionable techniques for holistic weight loss
Tactical tools to measure and track your progress
Knowledgeable insights that promote learning
Accountability practices to keep you focused
Simple and easy steps to get started and build upon
Graphics and pops of colour to ensure easy reading

Stay healthy and inspired!

Keep a journal/diary of the entire process, you'll thank me later.

Technical Details

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68 Pages


64 Pages

Food Diary #1

15 Pages

Food Diary #2

25 Pages

Food Diary #3

10 Pages

Who should read this book?

I wrote these materials for you if you fit into any one of the categories I've listed below. It's time to manifest the body you've always wanted.

Feeling Self-Conscious About Weight
Feeling Trapped In A Body You Don't Want
Feeling Held Back From Opportunities
Feeling Like You're Settling For Less
The Author

Anisha Courtney

The major part of my journey that really transformed me mentally, spiritually and physically was when I did a raw food detox for 30 days and lost 30 pounds!

I hit a major milestone in my life and things finally changed for the better health wise. Over the next couple months I shed excess weight and was able to get to 165 pounds and maintained it for over five years (I was 260 pounds at my heaviest weight).

Inspiring Holistic Weight Loss

Equipping you with one habit one week at a time. Helping you to achieve long-lasting healthy results!

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